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The McGuire Institute is comprised of a network of master CLINICIANS trained and qualified to conduct high level clinical research in a practice based setting and located strategically throughout the United States.
The McGuire Institute conducts high Quality clinical research through its network of skilled clinicians that generate clinically-relevant results in the practice settings where most products are used.
The McGuire Institute is dedicated To delivering clinically-relevant results that reveal the true value of our client’s innovations and support more rapid adoption of new technologies in clinical practice.
The McGuire Institute was founded by
Dr. Michael McGuire, an internationally recognized periodontist, master clinician and leading innovator in the area of clinically-relevant practice-based research.
We dedicate our resources to fund research that helps address the important concerns of our patients and profession.

"We are enthusiastic about the recognition of the Michigan Regenerative Medicine Center for funding by the NIDCR. We greatly value the collaboration we have with the McGuire Institute that will enable us to take innovations in tissue engineering and apply them into the practice community. Dr. McGuire's leadership in clinical excellence makes the iMc an important partner for us."

– Dr. William Giannobile