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Who we treat

  • our network is comprised of a diverse population of over 20,000 patients in maintenance treatment (with nearly 200 hygiene appointments per day), and nearly 14,000 patients in active treatment. This highly representative group ranges substantially in age, gender and ethnicity.
  • every month, on average, our Investigators perform . . .

    460 implants in 430 patients, with 300 bone regeneration procedures, 85 soft tissue augmentation procedures, and 60 peri-implant procedures

    365 periodontal surgeries, with 215 bone grafts and 160 periodontal regeneration procedures

    310 non-surgical treatments

    310 non-surgical treatments

  • every year our investigators provide, on average:

    270 soft tissue augmentations

    220 root coverage procedures,
       120 tissue thickening and
       100 keratinized tissue augmentation procedures

  • our offices are set up and our staff is trained and certified in Good Clinical Practices, through certified clinical research directors