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The McGuire Institute is transforming a passion for evidence-based dentistry into a unique vision for advancing the practice of dentistry through clinically-relevant research. We are a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing research at the highest level of skill and integrity.

The McGuire Institute was founded by Dr. Michael K. McGuire, an internationally recognized periodontist and leading innovator in the area of clinically-relevant research. Dr. McGuire and his partner, Dr. E. Todd Scheyer, have successfully conducted several landmark clinical studies in their practice and for almost two decades have earned a reputation for being valued research partners who provide timely, ethical, and high quality results.

Our focus is on delivering highly relevant clinical research that supports clients’ goals and advances the profession through the adoption of new or improved technologies in practice. In order to provide the consistent and reliable services needed for the successful conduct and completion of clinical studies, The McGuire Institute is designed to be both flexible and efficient. Validated systems give The McGuire Institute the ability to alleviate the administrative burdens so often experienced by study Donors conducting research. Innovative methods translate to more expedient delivery of quality clinical studies that remain both on time and on budget.


To accomplish this, The McGuire Institute is comprised of a select group of clinicians with outstanding technical skills. Strategically located throughout the United States, The McGuire Institute professionals and their practices are evaluated and trained by the institute to ensure that they have the competence and experience necessary for conducting successful clinical research. Through The McGuire Institute, study Donors can initiate single or multi-centered studies quickly and reliably with calibration and internal communications being coordinated by the institute. And for optimal efficiency, The McGuire Institute’s educational training center and administrative services are centralized in a state-of-the-art facility in Houston, Texas.

“The use of a common trial network and associated infrastructure affords considerable advantages in both efficiency and quality. Having a network of experienced clinical centers to serve as study sites for multiple trials under a master protocol makes sense as compared with establishing study centers one trial at a time.”

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